Mastering the Art of Armchair Negotiation


How would you like to:

  • Take your armchair negotiation skills to the next level?
  • Hone your listening skills so that you can ask the right questions?
  • Better manage conversations to get the results you’re
    looking for?
  • Have strategies ready to overcome objections and get more sales?

Mastering the Art of Armchair Negotiation

How to confidently negotiate from inquiry through to a  win-win outcome and create the business success you dreamed about.

In this program, you will learn strategies that will save you time, energy, and money following up leads and opportunities, especially those that aren’t going anywhere.

Do you ever wonder why you are not getting people to convert no matter what you say or do? Here’s the reason why – confidence. Let me explain. When you know, what the customer really wants, and you are able to deal with difficult conversations, you will be able to use the language that brings music to the ears of the client. Learn how to get that sale by servicing them with what they really want.

Do you want to continue falling on death ears? Change the way the client sees your product or service. It’s no longer a desire, it’s a need the can’t go without.

The three main questions we hear all the time (and which are covered in the program):

  • how do I ask for the commitment/sale?
  • how can I overcome objections?
  • how can I do this better?

We put this program together, featuring Gary Schuller, a master at negotiation.  Gary has spoken to audiences all over the world and has been engaged by large corporations to teach their staff how to negotiate. To Gary, being a good negotiator is not about being able to follow a script. He knows of close colleagues who tried that and failed miserably. In this program, Gary shares what he considers to be the building blocks to becoming good at negotiating anything. Learn from a master.

Mastering the Art of Armchair Negotiation includes templates and opportunities for you to practice as you go. You will be able to build your own step-by-step plan that you can use to plan those negotiation moments in your business.

In this program, we will dive deep into  strategies to:

  • Value your self-worth
  • Qualifying your leads so you can focus on the real deal
  • Ask the right questions
  • Set clear objective
  • Offer the client what they really want
  • Ask for the sale
  • Handle objections

We don’t stop there.

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See you on the inside.


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