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How to Negotiate Anything - Business Building Program

When negotiating a deal, whether it’s business or personal, we all want the best outcome. When it comes to business, the difference between being able to negotiate the commitment and failing to get the right result, can make the difference between business success or failure, the impact of which can be joyfully exhilarating or painfully devastating for the parties involved. The secret is to know how to negotiate.

In How to Negotiate Anything, negotiation starts with ourselves:
– how to negotiate our goals, mindset, how we think and communicate with others as well as negotiating with others:
– how to negotiate  networks, partnerships, staff, suppliers, customers and contractors.

We can all be taught how to negotiate but to master negotiation we must start with ourselves. How to Negotiate Anything is unlike other negotiation programs in that we unpack your business environment, inside and out, applying negotiation skills to everything you do, to lead you to achieving your reason for being in business in the first place.

“The Art of Communication – establishing what someone really wants and then giving it to them”

We Are All Born Negotiators

If you’re a parent, watch your child negotiate what they want. They know which buttons to press – born negotiators. Along the way from childhood to becoming adults, we learn to compromise to please others. Negotiation gets lost in some areas of our lives. How many business owners do you know who fear negotiating a sale? At the root of this is lack of self-value, drive and focus.

How to Negotiate Anything is an eight-step transformational program for people who want better results!
It is for you if you are looking for confidence and inspiration to improve your ability to sell your ideas, products and services, as well as to get the best out of your people, business and yourself. Unlike programs that teach you how to present a persuasive sales speech, close and script, this program also changes the way you approach your business strategy so that you can get rid of your blockages and become a confident and natural negotiator.

How to Negotiate Anything features Gary Schuller, international speaker and best-selling author. Gary has unbounded expertise in negotiation; a talent most of us would love to learn and master in our lives.

 H2NA Online was designed by Pat Grosse, to satisfy the appetites of people hungry for the secret of negotiation and the transformation it brings to their lives. Pat is the owner of The Community Entrepreneur, a business set up to inspire and support community-based organisations and the people in them to think outside the box and turn their Vision into success.

8 weeks, online
(excl. orientation)

3 hours per week 

Weekly modules, 
flexible learning

What You Get with How to Negotiate Anything

How to Negotiate Anything is a combined training, self-assessment and mentoring program featuring:

  • eight steps to a holistic negotiation mindset
  • tasks to practice change
  • video tutorials to focus your attention
  • weekly group coaching calls
  • access to a private group forum and Facebook group
  • BONUS – opportunity to extend program to 6 or 12 month one-to-one mentoring at a special ‘group member’ price.

Accelerator Package

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What's Inside How to Negotiate Anything?

The How to Negotiate Anything Business Building Program is designed to bring out your ability to manage the way you think, react and negotiate the outcomes you are looking for, whilst navigating and avoiding the roadblocks that prevent you from success.


Exploring your higher purpose to reach the core of what inspires and drives you


Creating a laser-focused mindset, based on what motivates YOU to banish self-doubt and stand in your power


Mastering the art of armchair negotiation – how to comfortably interpret and control the conversation to get the result you are looking for


Utilising marketing psychology to attract more clients and get more sales


Leveraging more sales and connections through networking, partnerships and word-of-mouth


Empowering your business to live the life of your dreams


Embracing lateral thinking to deliver creative solutions and enhance your business and customer experiences


Negotiating with confidence- bringing everything together to test your new negotiation skills


Over the duration of this online course, you’ll work your way through the following modules:

Module 1:
Getting to the core of your higher purpose

Module 2:
Honing your laser-focused mindset

Module 3:
The Art of Armchair Negotiation

Module 4:
Attracting customers and sales

Module 5:
Building stronger relationships, networks and partnerships

Module 6:
Empowering your business

Module 7:
Seven keys to lateral thinking 

Module 8:
How to negotiate anything

When Gary Schuller, featured in the program, started his first sales position, within six months he was the number one sales person for the whole of England.
Here’s what happened

Who we are

Pat Grosse

Pat Grosse

Pat is the owner of The Community Entrepreneur, a business set up to help not-for-profits and small business owners step outside of their day-to-day operations, to focus on their dreams. Through her ‘entrepreneurial thinking’ mentoring program and approach to strategic planning, Pat has transformed mindsets of boards, managers and individuals, to embrace innovation and confidently create positive change. Pat has secured millions of dollars in grants to help clients kick-start their dreams. Pat is also the author of “The Intuitive Marketer”, a must-read for new business owners and a unique insight into how technology is just a marketing tool and not the fear inspiring, got-to-get-it-right or else solution.

The Community Entrepreneur –

Gary Schuller The Negotiator

Gary Schuller

How to Negotiate Anything features Gary Schuller, founder of The Business Marketplace, a place for business owners to come together to meet, buy, sell and connect. Gary has spoken to audiences all over the world and has been engaged by large corporations to teach their staff how to negotiate. Speak to anybody who knows him, and they’ll agree that Gary can (figuratively) sell not just ice cream, but the whole refrigerator, to eskimos. What is his secret? Watch the video to hear how even psychologists engaged to find out, couldn’t get to the bottom of his success. To Gary, being a good negotiator is not about being able to follow a script. He knows of close colleagues who tried that and failed miserably. In this program, Gary shares what he considers to be the building blocks to becoming good at negotiating anything. Learn from a master.

The Business Marketplace –


How to negotiate anything from your armchair

AnchorFed up with chasing dead end leads? Looking for ways to filter out the no-goes and select the right leads? Before you pick up the phone or commit to a meeting over coffee – apply these three strategies from master negotiator, Gary Schuller, to filter out the tyre kickers and leads that go nowhere, so that you can focus on the real deal. Stop wasting endless hours trying to get results from prospects who won’t pay, or simply not a match  Save yourself precious time, worry and stress. You and your business deserve better!
Capture the essence of Gary Schuller, who’s natural ability to negotiate led him to become the top salesman in one UK-wide company after only six months. Psychologists couldn’t work out how he did it. He was only 19 at the time and has since spoken all over the world on the art of negotiation.
Register here to discover these three game-changing strategies to qualify your time, leads and outcomes. It’s FREE

How to Negotiate Anything Mentoring Program

Your success is our success. That’s why we are also offering BONUS packages to apply your skills and take your skills to the next level.
You can complete these steps as a stand-alone program with access to our community or take things to the next level with a one-on-one mentoring package for 6 or 12 months with a mentor from the Mag7 Team – selected based on your aspirations. This is a great way to keep the momentum going and to turn your goals into reality. Contact us to find out more.


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