Master the Art of Armchair Negotiation Intro Webinar


How to negotiate anything from your armchair

AnchorFed up with chasing dead end leads? Looking for ways to filter out the no-goes and select the right leads? Before you pick up the phone or commit to a meeting over coffee – apply these three strategies from master negotiator, Gary Schuller, to filter out the tyre kickers and leads that go nowhere, so that you can focus on the real deal. Stop wasting endless hours trying to get results from prospects who won’t pay, or simply not a match  Save yourself precious time, worry and stress. You and your business deserve better!
Capture the essence of Gary Schuller, who’s natural ability to negotiate led him to become the top salesman in one UK-wide company after only six months. Psychologists couldn’t work out how he did it. He was only 19 at the time and has since spoken all over the world on the art of negotiation.
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